Green Line

From streetcar to supercar: how the MBTA is trying to transform the Green Line

“When I get confused on the train lines, I feel . . . helpless. The anxiety is always there; it’s like a shadow,” Casandra Xavier says. Casandra is a member of the Disability Policy Consortium’s board of directors and was born visually impaired and hard of hearing. On their own, these ailments would make everyday […]

Northeastern: Public Forum or Walled City?

Private universities, not being bound by the First Amendment like public schools, can choose to regulate speech as they see fit on their campuses. Some campuses adopt free speech protections similar to those of public universities and choose to function as public forums. Others choose to limit the range of discourse on campus and function […]

Why you should vote New Horizons this elections season!

On a campus as dynamic as Northeastern’s, things can change in a heartbeat. The decisions of our Student Government Association (SGA) often go unnoticed, even though they impact everyone on campus. As a student, the greatest opportunity to learn about SGA and make your voice heard is to vote in our student body elections. If […]

Overgeneralizations and Mischaracterizations: How Campus Activists Slander the Zionist Movement

Northeastern’s Students for Justice in Palestine (SJP) chapter routinely spreads deeply flawed and distorted characterizations of Zionism and Israel. One post alleges that Zionism has a “fundamental reliance on the subjugation and regular massacring of the Palestinian people.” Another claims that, “while Israel may have elected government for its Jewish citizens, it has no such […]

Mass. and Cass: An Intersection of Roads and Crises

Boston Mayor Michelle Wu drafted a plan to relocate the homeless inhabitants living on the intersection of Massachusetts Avenue and Melnea Cass Boulevard, colloquially known as Mass. and Cass. This plan will move Mass. and Cass residents to transitional housing units around the city by late December. While Mayor Wu’s plans aren’t novel, some praise […]

Access at Northeastern: How Northeastern Can Create a More Inclusive Campus Community

Have you ever noticed how many door buttons on campus for students with physical disabilities don’t work? Or perhaps you’ve overheard a Disability Resource Center (DRC) notetaker complain about the minor inconvenience of having to submit class notes within twenty-four hours? I hadn’t paid much attention to such grievances until I became a peer mentor […]

Abandon Ship: How SAIL Threatens Intrinsic Curiosity

Illustration by Ishita Khanna Curiosity is the lifeblood of academia. It drives us to the classroom to learn and to the laboratory to discover.  At Northeastern, curiosity propels us beyond the boundaries of the lecture halls to develop skills in the real world. Rather than be content with academic knowledge alone, Northeastern students use six-month […]

Northeastern’s Testing Dashboard Is Misleading

Since late June, when Northeastern announced plans to re-open campus, the university has been dedicated to strict guidelines and thorough testing protocols. The administration reduced classroom density, allowed students and faculty to attend and teach classes remotely, switched dining halls to take-out, and banned guests from campus housing. Students, faculty, and staff must undergo routine […]

Know Your IX: Your Rights Under the New Mandate

Content Warning: This article discusses sexual assault and violence. University life should be exhilarating, a time for exploration and enjoyment. But about 11 percent of all students are sexually assaulted during their time in college. For gender-nonconforming and undergraduate female students, the rate is almost 25 percent. This is the problem Title IX is tasked […]

Universities in the United States have become an Economic and Social Trap

The United States’ higher education system is often cited as the best in the world. Since its conception with Harvard University in 1636, it has ballooned to over four thousand universities and colleges. College degrees in the US have become viewed as a tool for economic prosperity and social mobility. As the economy has changed, […]