The Republican Trojan Horse: Bringing Migrant Havens Down From The Inside

Historically, the Trojan Horse stands as a symbol of cunning deceit—a strategic ploy that led to the unsuspecting downfall of Troy. Today, as we grapple with the complexities of the migration crisis, a metaphorical Trojan Horse seems to be making its way into the political landscape. This time, however, it’s not wooden, but rather made […]

The Standard American Diet Must Die

Pro-vegan documentaries are everywhere. Netflix alone features Seaspiracy, Cowspiracy, You Are What You Eat, the Gamechangers, and more. These documentaries offer a variety of perspectives on the benefits of veganism, emphasizing its health and sustainability benefits. Paired with an overwhelming number of studies, these documentaries might lead Americans to believe that veganism is the best […]

Lukashenko and Putin, Till Death Do You Part?

Alliances in the Russian-Ukraine War The moment Russian soldiers marched across the Ukrainian border, much of the world turned further against them. Anti-Russian rhetoric was already strong pre-Ukraine War, but with the US doing everything it could to blame the war on someone else, Russia was the perfect target of continued criticism. Though it was […]