The Biden Admin is Right to Exercise “Excessive Restraint” Against Iranian Proxies

Amidst the enduring conflict between Israel and Gaza, Iran’s proxy forces—collectively known as “The Axis of Resistance”—are hard at work in embodying Churchill’s adage to never let a good crisis go to waste. Stretching from Lebanon to Yemen and comprising scores of disparate factions including small Islamist militant groups, quasi-state actors, and designated terrorist organizations, […]

Candace Owens: A Conservative Godsend for Racial Inaction

Candace Owens, an American political commentator, television personality, and New York Times bestselling author, has swiftly become a national star in conservative media. Boasting over four and a half million followers on Instagram, Owens has interviewed former president Donald Trump and entertained the idea of running for president herself.  Owens argues against transgender rights, abortion […]

Enabling Recovery: Safe Drug Consumption Sites in the Face of Opioids

130 people a day die from opioid-related drug overdoses in the US, ten times the number in 1999. The opioid epidemic is a crisis that has plagued Americans for decades, taking hundreds of thousands of lives. The United States fervently seeks a solution, yet many Americans in favor of addiction harm reduction argue that the […]