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The Real Reason the Critics Hate Hillbilly Elegy

The following includes plot details, including the film’s ending. Netflix’s adaptation of the novel Hillbilly Elegy recently garnered criticism from critics for allegedly portraying rural Americans negatively and glorifying author J. D. Vance’s escape from poverty. The controversy began before the film’s release, as critics gave overwhelmingly negative reviews; despite this, audiences responded well to […]

Not Cute: The Sexualization of Youth in Netflix’s Mignonnes

Photo By Jean-Michel Papazian/Netflix The following includes plot details, including the film’s ending. Mignonnes, or Cuties in English, is a French coming-of-age drama that garnered criticism for its hypersexualization of young girls. The scrutiny began in August when Netflix released an explicit poster advertising the movie and has continued through the movie’s release, despite the […]

Credit: Greater Boston Convention & Visitors Bureau

The Failure of Our Student Government

Last month, Northeastern’s Student Government Association (SGA) hosted a town hall meeting to provide the student body and general public with an opportunity to discuss the five proposed referenda questions being considered for the Spring 2016 ballot. For SGA, the meeting was intended to serve as a show of good faith that would allow students […]

Come Get Some Delicious Education, Kids!

I work as a student tour guide for Northeastern. My job is simple: show prospective students and parents Northeastern’s campus, field questions about the school, and talk about why I love going here. It’s an easy job and I like doing it. I’m giving excited high schoolers an insider’s look at the fantasyland that is […]

The Invisible Man Who Won’t Disappear

At this point in Bernie Sanders’ presidential campaign, it is no longer a secret to anyone paying attention that the Vermont senator is an immensely popular figure in American politics. On October 3, at the Boston Convention and Exhibition Center, Sanders attracted a max-capacity crowd of over 20,000 people.[1] It was his third most popular […]

Fifty Shades of Grey: National Security

“Your President(s) will see you now.”

The Privacy of Politics

I had the privilege of being a panelist at last Mondays “The Politics of Privacy” event, co-hosted by Generation Citizen, the NU College Democrats, the NU College Republicans, and the Northeastern University Political Review. The main speaker of the event was Chris Farlone, a journalist for DigBoston who had uncovered a story about how the […]

Clinton Teams Up with Coakley for MA Governor’s Race

When recent polls revealed that Republican Charlie Baker had an almost nine point lead over Democrat Martha Coakley in the Massachusetts gubernatorial race, all eyes turned to Coakley’s next move.  Next on her campaign schedule was the October 24th rally at the Boston Park Plaza Hotel featuring former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, current MA […]

Minorities are Hurting GDP—But It’s Not Their Fault

I recently watched a video by Marginal Revolution University regarding the relationship between social trust and economic growth. It seems natural that a society in which trust is high would be more productive. When individuals believe that their peers are mostly trustworthy, they will feel more inclined to invest in human capital, open new businesses, […]

Governor Deval Patrick Policy Strategy to Success

On Monday September 29th, the 2014 Massachusetts Clean Energy Industry Report was released. This report highlights the state’s clean energy industry growth of 47% since 2010 with an emphasis on the double-digit growth for the third consecutive year.[[1]] Today, the Commonwealth ranks #1 per capita in early-stage and growth equity clean energy investment. It is […]