Sarah Lombardo

Lebanon vs. Jordan: Refugees and Instability

The Middle East has experienced some of the worst refugee crises in modern world history. The repeated floods of refugees, from Palestinians to Iraqis to Syrians, have heavily impacted both Lebanon and Jordan in particular. In many ways, these states have addressed refugees in a similar institutional manner, yet Lebanon has experienced turmoil and violent […]

Muslim American Women and the Hijab: Dismantling the Patronizing Narrative

The role of the hijab and its significance to the women who wear it is frequently oversimplified.  Muslim American women must navigate multiple levels of pressures, social sanctions, and conflicting ideologies when they choose whether or not to veil. This article seeks to organize the various social dimensions of hijab into three spheres: the general […]

Argo: The Intersection of Hollywood and American Perceptions of Iran

Argo, a film centered around the Iranian Hostage Crisis and inspired by a true story, premiered this past month. The plot focuses on the CIA’s attempt to exfiltrate six US Foreign Service workers who managed to sneak out of the American Embassy as Iranian students stormed the building and started President Carter’s worst nightmare. Although […]