Ross Donohue

The Iron Lady: Lloyd’s Thatcher Shows the Strength Necessary to Lead

The Iron Lady is a film that has been engineered to win Academy awards, but behind the artsy appeal, the glitz and the glamour lies a solid critique on the modus operandi of western political systems, wherein the events of Margaret Thatcher’s life echo our current political situation. Phyllida Lloyd’s film portrays Margaret Thatcher through […]

Movie Review: Microphone

Last September, director Ahmad Abdalla released his second feature film, Microphone, which received a warm reception from the international film community. The film was praised as a magnificent artistic achievement in a variety of international film festivals. In the aftermath of Egypt’s revolution the film provides valuable insight into Mubarak’s Egypt. The film follows the […]

The Call of Duty: A Case of Compulsory Military Service

Compulsory military service was last utilized by the United States during the Vietnam War, during an era symbolized by passionate protests and stubborn resistance. At no time since has the country been embroiled in such widespread protest against a war. Without this heightened level of public engagement, decisions of war are not treated by public […]

From the Barrel of a Gun

With the tragic shooting in Arizona splashed across the American media, there has been a flood of commentary attempting to make sense of the senseless act of violence. Amongst them are commentators who have pointed their antagonism towards the second amendment and the level of gun ownership within our country. Writers have pointed to the […]