Olivia Arnold

In Defense of Young Women Who Support Sanders

I am a woman. I am an independent voter who leans liberal. I am a feminist. And I support Bernie Sanders. Because of that, according to the first female secretary of state Madeleine Albright, there’s a “special place in Hell for” me.[1] According to Gloria Steinem, a leader of the feminist movement, I’m only supporting […]

Syrian Refugee Crisis: Where is the Humanity?

In the past week, I’ve watched in horror and bitter disappointment as governors from the two states I call home, New Jersey and Massachusetts, proclaimed that they will not accept Syrian refugees. Governor Chris Christie of New Jersey became a leading voice for the opposition to the federal government’s plan for Syrian refugee resettlement, even […]

Menstruation and Education: How Periods Affect Girls’ Education in the Developing World

Menstruation is one of the single most commonly shared experiences among women of all races, religions, and ethnicities. Most women menstruate for an average of 40 years. Throughout those 40 years, each woman will use more than 11,000 sanitary pads and tampons, spending approximately $5,600 on those hygiene products.[1] For a woman in a developed […]

Aoun’s State of the University: Contradictions and Hypocrisy Strung Together

Amid fiery student and adjunct faculty protests, President Joseph Aoun delivered his annual State of the University address on Wednesday, October 28, at 12 p.m. to hundreds packed in Cabot Center. As a Northeastern student, I struggle with contradictory feelings of pride and shame. On one hand, I am proud to be a husky. I […]