Emma McGrath

Who “Won” The Government Shutdown?

After 16 days of agonizing political brinkmanship that gripped the nation and left global financial markets in a state of panic, Congress passed an 11th-hour measure to reopen the federal government and save it from a historic loan default. America and its lenders breathed a collective sigh of relief. Tea Party conservatives grumbled. Democrats patted […]

Drones, Deception, and Double-Tapping: the Obama Administration is Killing Innocents Abroad

For Waleed Shiraz, 22, life in northwest Pakistan was once uncomplicated. A former student of Political Science and foreign languages, Shiraz recalls days spent studying in the hujra, a traditional guest drawing room – he liked it there because it was “peaceful and quiet.” The oldest of three brothers, Shiraz hoped to pursue his Master’s […]

Innocence of Americans?

The incendiary anti-Muslim movie trailer titled, “Innocence of Muslims” elicited anger and protest across the Muslim world in reaction to its derogatory portrayal of the Prophet Muhammad as a child molester, murderer, philanderer and extortionist. In one extreme and tragic case, the United States Consulate in Benghazi, Libya was attacked, resulting in the deaths of […]