David McDevitt

Pay It Back: A Mentality Adjustment Regarding Student Debt

The United States carries a unique debt burden relative to the rest of the developed world. Student debt has officially become the second-highest debt burden on the United States’ economy, eclipsing auto loans and credit card debt while remaining second only to mortgages.[1] This is thanks to a combination of skyrocketing tuition costs and private […]

Democracy Wins: The National Bailout Referendum in Greece

David is currently on co-op in Legraina, Greece, at the European Public Law Organization.   On July 5th, the citizens of Greece took to the polls to vote on a national referendum from which the direction of Greece’s debt negotiation with its European creditors would be determined. The choice of a referendum was an unprecedented […]

Organoponicos: The Light of Cuba Agriculture and a Case Study for Peak Oil

One of the most prevalent questions floating between political analysts, political scientists, students, and everyday educated American citizens concerns the state of post-embargo Cuba. What aspects of Cuban society will change or even disappear, and what aspects will resist outside influence? Over the past five decades, Cuba has developed multiple unique systems against the grain […]