Ozempic: The Diabetes Treatment Turned Celebrity Weight Loss Fad

Weight and health are not synonymous, but many associate weight loss with looking and feeling healthier. This imperfect relationship between weight and health can make maintaining a certain size challenging, and many Americans do not have the time or energy for the lifestyle change required to alter their appearance. Fad diets offer a fast, low […]

Conservatism: The Key to Salvation?

It’s no secret that Conservatism and Christianity in the United States are two sides of the same coin. The Republican party preaches Christian family values, and Republican voters elect congressperson after congressperson to carry those Christian values into office. Only 3 percent of Conservatives don’t believe in God, and 78 percent are certain of their […]

Incarcerated and Expecting? Another Way America is Failing Women

Tiana Hill was excited to welcome a child into the world. It’s hard to stay optimistic in prison, but Hill—a nonviolent offender incarcerated for violating probation—found hope in the future of her child. Yet, the prison system’s failure to provide healthcare killed her innocent baby four days postpartum. Going into labor, Hill pleaded with the […]

How to Create a Physician Shortage: The Effect of Medical Education Barriers

The United States health care system is currently the most expensive in the world. While national health expenditures far exceed those of other countries, the US fails to produce the best health care outcomes. There are not enough physicians to meet the needs of the growing American population: some estimate a shortage of 54,100 to […]

The Racist and Sexist Media Coverage Behind Vice President Harris’s Unpopularity

Kamala Harris broke countless boundaries as the first woman—and person of Black and Indian heritage—to become vice president of the United States. Her approval ratings, however, do not match the expected enthusiasm for the gravity of her accomplishment. Almost immediately after her inauguration in January 2021, Harris’s approval ratings began to decline. Five months later, […]

Question 4: Results, Reactions, and the Future

On June 9, 2022, the Massachusetts legislature passed the Work and Family Mobility Act, which provides any Massachusetts resident, regardless of citizenship status, the ability to obtain a standard driver’s license. Governor Charlie Baker initially vetoed the bill, but the Massachusetts senate overrode it by a vote of 32–8. Only a few days after the […]

Two’s a Monopoly, Three’s Not Crowded Enough

Our world is ablaze. In a literal sense, some regions actively burn. Metaphorically, others face social and political fires. Susceptible regions experience many forms of concerning weather phenomena including flooding, extreme heat waves and pervasive droughts. Despite the need for urgent action, effective legislation to combat climate change is minimal in the United States. According […]

Tyrone Turner for NPR

The start of a slippery slope?: the Supreme Court’s October docket

In a post Roe v. Wade world, the Supreme Court has shown a clear push for a society that reflects conservative values. This shift started under the presidency of Donald J. Trump, who nominated  enough GOP-aligned justices to create a conservative majority of six to three on the Supreme Court. Since Trump and Republican-led efforts […]

Should Massachusetts Let Undocumented Immigrants Drive Legally?

With Massachusetts’ November elections quickly approaching, tension surrounds the ballot questions. Question 4, in particular, asks voters to approve the Work and Family Mobility Act in a referendum. This act enables all qualified Massachusetts residents, regardless of citizenship status, to apply for a standard driver’s license while keeping the state in full compliance with REAL […]

The Pharma Parasite: Pharmaceutical Greed and its Consequences

The United States health care system is a business. Providers and policymakers across the country attempt to improve the quality and accessibility of national health care, but the profitability of these services stands in the way. In 2016, the United States government spent more than $3.3 trillion—which is 17.9 percent of our gross domestic product […]