The Road Ahead: Scotland and the Contentious Question of Independence

  “Go back to England and tell them there that Scotland’s daughters and her sons are yours no more. Tell them Scotland is free.” Mel Gibson’s portrayal of Sir William Wallace is legendary in cinema circles; and for the casual observer of modern British politics, this very quote might come to mind when a politician […]

The Question of Catalonian Independence: More than a Soccer Game?

Most people would be forgiven for thinking that the peak of the Catalonian campaign for independence from Spain is the infamous El Clasico soccer derby, Real Madrid vs. FC Barcelona. FC Barcelona recently won 2-1 against Real Madrid on its home turf, the Camp Nuo stadium. On March 13th, 2013, El Clasico will come to […]

Is Greece’s Economic Future Destined for Failure?

The current situation in the Eurozone and its reception throughout the world remains twofold: while many people claim that the European economy is gaining momentum, skepticism largely dominates the Greek economy, which has carried heavy financial burden and wavers on the verge of collapse. Therefore, it is no surprise that when most people think about […]

How the UK Can Finally Decide on its EU Commitment

The formation of the modern European Union did not occur at a single identifiable point in time, but rather through a gradual process over several decades that some now claim has progressed too far. This sentiment is particularly audible in the United Kingdom, where controversy regarding the nation’s membership in the EU is substantial and […]

Srdja Popovic

On Thursday, November 29th, Srdja Popovic visited Professor William Lovely’s Modern Political Thought class to lecture on the importance of non-violent activism. Popovic has an extensive history in the realm of peaceful action. He and his colleagues have significantly impacted the direction of Serbian politics, and they continue to be a major influence in nonviolent […]

Badgers, Bombs, and Backstreet Boys

Until summer 2012, the United States of America knew very little about the modern existence and popularity of British boy bands. Groups like One Direction and The Wanted exploded onto airwaves and the Beliebers were able to fanatically devour music created by five boys instead of just one. Little do they know that boy bands […]

The Future of NATO: Towards Where Will It Turn?

Originally founded as a deterrent to Soviet aggression in Europe, the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) is now the most successful and effective alliance the world has ever seen. However, since the collapse of the Soviet Union, the Alliance has often become the focus of attack by those that see it as arcane. To the […]

Unintended Consequences: Why France’s Impossible Expectations Will Shake Its Future

On Sunday, May 6th, François Hollande of the French Socialist Party defeated his opponent, Nicholas Sarkozy, with 51.6% of the popular vote. Tough economic times and recent “terrorist” attacks in Toulouse were the foremost discussions during the 2012 electoral campaign. François Hollande, the first Socialist president in the nearly two decades since François Mitterrand, benefited […]

UK Energy Policy, Nuclear Optimism, and the Future

The prospect and pursuit of long-term sustainable energy security has caused progressive anxiety among fossil fuel dependent countries as they come to grips with dwindling supplies and an unstable Middle East. Increases in the cost of uranium and fossil fuels, expanding populations, finite energy supplies, and the globally swelling demand for energy factor into a […]

The Iron Lady: Lloyd’s Thatcher Shows the Strength Necessary to Lead

The Iron Lady is a film that has been engineered to win Academy awards, but behind the artsy appeal, the glitz and the glamour lies a solid critique on the modus operandi of western political systems, wherein the events of Margaret Thatcher’s life echo our current political situation. Phyllida Lloyd’s film portrays Margaret Thatcher through […]