Asia Pacific

America, in the Age of Drones: Reconfiguring International Relations

The recent loss of a United States RQ-170 Sentinel unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) to the Islamic Republic of Iran, and Pakistan’s removal of a United States UAV base in its territory have brought the issue of remotely piloted drones to the forefront of international relations.  New developments in drone capabilities, including longer flight distances, the […]

Incident Blown Out of Proportion: A Deeper Look into U.S. Policy Abroad

As video recently surfaced showing four U.S. Marines urinating over the bodies of three deceased Taliban fighters, U.S. government officials became concerned that this could incite anti-American sentiment around the world.  This public outcry made me realize just how flawed some American’s outlook on the world really is.  This fear is especially focused on Afghanistan […]

Misusing Power: National Security and Corruption

Corruption is a contested concept with its understanding connected to societal, cultural and governance norms and values. A shorthand definition of corruption, found in the Transparency International Plain Language Guide, defines it as: “The abuse of entrusted power for private gain.”[i]  According to the World Bank, for policy purposes corruption can be best understood as: […]

A Path to a Unified Korea: Redefining the Korean Reunification in the 21st Century

 The Present and Prospective East Asian Geopolitical Structure Korean economists often say “every time China or the US sneezes, it’s Korea that catches the cold.” This saying applies to both political and economic realities facing South Korea. Caught between the two superpowers, South Korea’s political and economic decisions are inevitably dependent on the policies of […]

Governmental Population Policy in China: The Consequences

Widely known throughout the world as one of the 20th century’s most impactful examples of family planning policy, China’s One-Child Policy (OCP) has caused serious social and ethical problems that have resulted in enormous changes in family dynamics, gender roles and demographics with Chinese society. Referred to as “the most massive human rights violation on […]

Mumbai Bleeds Again: An Ongoing Security Crisis

The recent bombings in Mumbai, which killed 26 people and injured 130 more, are a grim reminder of how far Indian security has yet to go in effectively maintaining order and eradicating terrorism within its own borders.i Such occurrences threaten India’s stability at a time when it is hoping to establish itself as a leading […]

The Fickle Mr. Kim: Trends in North Korean Foreign Policy

In recent years, North Korea’s foreign policy has appeared to be volatile and erratic. Most international media coverage of East Asia in the past few months has featured election results and the region’s recovery from the global recession. North Korea, with its closed communist economy and dictator Chairman Kim Jong Il, has not been heavily […]