Misusing Power: National Security and Corruption

Corruption is a contested concept with its understanding connected to societal, cultural and governance norms and values. A shorthand definition of corruption, found in the Transparency International Plain Language Guide, defines it as: “The abuse of entrusted power for private gain.”[i]  According to the World Bank, for policy purposes corruption can be best understood as: […]

The Euro: Not Short on Friends, Yet Homeless

An old dog may not be taught new tricks, but the ailing European Union (EU) can be further economically and politically domesticated by enacting necessary reforms to address its sovereign debt crisis. Though many European governments and banks managed to emerge relatively unscathed after the 2008 financial crisis, largely by avoiding American credit markets,[i] the […]

The Role of “Hacktivism” in Modern Politics

Throughout history, political lobbying generally has been done in-person, using lobbyists and strategic monetary donations to facilitate their goals. With the growth of the Internet however, new means of political activism have arisen. The most prominent of these is the “hacktivist” movement, consisting of those with both the technical skill and willpower to bring about […]

A Path to a Unified Korea: Redefining the Korean Reunification in the 21st Century

 The Present and Prospective East Asian Geopolitical Structure Korean economists often say “every time China or the US sneezes, it’s Korea that catches the cold.” This saying applies to both political and economic realities facing South Korea. Caught between the two superpowers, South Korea’s political and economic decisions are inevitably dependent on the policies of […]

Governmental Population Policy in China: The Consequences

Widely known throughout the world as one of the 20th century’s most impactful examples of family planning policy, China’s One-Child Policy (OCP) has caused serious social and ethical problems that have resulted in enormous changes in family dynamics, gender roles and demographics with Chinese society. Referred to as “the most massive human rights violation on […]

The Next Great American Social Movement

Barely one month after a few protesters began camping out on Wall Street, the Occupy movement has grown into a worldwide phenomenon. It is undeniable that the sentiments of the movement have struck a deep chord within this country, which is now experiencing one of the largest and most widespread mobilizations of social and political […]

Challenge Yourself, Not the Public’s Patience

Andrew is the External VP of the NU College Republicans. Is there any parallel between the Occupy movement and the Tea Party? Is it a drum circle of students who should be doing something more productive with their time? Both are relevant questions to ask when attempting to make any sense at all of the […]

Occupy Boston: Is This What Democracy Looks Like?

“We are the 99%. And so are you!” “Show me what democracy looks like. This is what democracy looks like!” Across the street from the Federal Reserve Bank of Boston, protesters hold signs and recite chants denouncing Wall Street tycoons and the American political ruling class. Many call for an end to the war in […]