Victoria Porell

Is One Enough: Implementing a One-State Solution for Israel and Palestine

Mainstream media and American political discourse have continually ignored the one-state solution as a viable option for the resolution of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. The concept has been dismissed as too radical, though its background points to a history older than Israel and is rooted in the basic tenets of democracy and justice. The more prominent […]

Misusing Power: National Security and Corruption

Corruption is a contested concept with its understanding connected to societal, cultural and governance norms and values. A shorthand definition of corruption, found in the Transparency International Plain Language Guide, defines it as: “The abuse of entrusted power for private gain.”[i]  According to the World Bank, for policy purposes corruption can be best understood as: […]

Why Now: The Palestinian Bid for Statehood

The Palestinian Authority approached the United Nations Security Council with a bid for statehood. They are seeking to be recognized, legally, as a state and to be accepted as a full member into the United Nations. One of the largest questions this move raises is: Why now? The current Israeli-Palestinian peace process has been ongoing […]

The Next Great American Social Movement

Barely one month after a few protesters began camping out on Wall Street, the Occupy movement has grown into a worldwide phenomenon. It is undeniable that the sentiments of the movement have struck a deep chord within this country, which is now experiencing one of the largest and most widespread mobilizations of social and political […]