Sean Comi

Does Consensus Exist in the United States?

Today, the US is in a perpetual state of disagreement. As a nation in dissention, we can neither agree on when life begins or whether the death penalty should be outlawed.  Disagreement is around every corner and appears to erode whatever semblance of a common ground once existed in the US. In Federalist Paper #2, […]

An Interview With Elizabeth Warren

Recently, NU Political Review Domestic Editor Sean Comi and Deputy Domestic Editor Mike Leyba had the opportunity to interview Senate Candidate Elizabeth Warren. The following interview took place over two days, via phone and on Northeastern’s campus. Professor Warren begins by filling us in on what her campaign has been doing on college campuses. EW: […]

A Never Ending Tale? Partisan Politics in the US Congress

Congress is currently more partisan and polarized than any other time since the Reconstruction. Over the past three decades there has been an eruption of partisan politics that has increased the division between both parties in the House and the Senate. Sean Theriault, a political scientist at the University of Texas, developed polarization scores that […]

UK Energy Policy, Nuclear Optimism, and the Future

The prospect and pursuit of long-term sustainable energy security has caused progressive anxiety among fossil fuel dependent countries as they come to grips with dwindling supplies and an unstable Middle East. Increases in the cost of uranium and fossil fuels, expanding populations, finite energy supplies, and the globally swelling demand for energy factor into a […]

The Real Value of Vermont Yankee

Vermont Yankee (VY) is the only nuclear reactor in the state of Vermont and the second oldest in the country. While President Obama has committed his administration’s energy agenda to galvanizing a nuclear energy renaissance, on February 24, 2010 the Vermont Senate decided, twenty-six to four, in favor of concluding VY operations.[i] Unless the Senate […]