Scott Oldano

Unpegged: The Floating Swiss Franc and Implications for the Euro Zone

Several years ago, the Euro Zone experienced a crippling blow to its economy when Greece was on the verge of a full-on economic collapse. During the crisis, Greece endured high unemployment, overly high structural deficits, and a dangerously elevated debt-to-GDP ratio. Though the Greek economy is slowly piecing itself back together, especially with a new […]

Were the Sochi Olympic Security Threats Valid?

  After four long years, the image of the mountainous Vancouver landscape slowly faded away as the Olympic spotlight and Sochi geared up for the first Russian Olympic event since the breakup of the USSR. For more than a century, the Olympics have treated spectators around the world to a show that only the world’s […]

Is Greece’s Economic Future Destined for Failure?

The current situation in the Eurozone and its reception throughout the world remains twofold: while many people claim that the European economy is gaining momentum, skepticism largely dominates the Greek economy, which has carried heavy financial burden and wavers on the verge of collapse. Therefore, it is no surprise that when most people think about […]