Paul Hanley

The Role of “Hacktivism” in Modern Politics

Throughout history, political lobbying generally has been done in-person, using lobbyists and strategic monetary donations to facilitate their goals. With the growth of the Internet however, new means of political activism have arisen. The most prominent of these is the “hacktivist” movement, consisting of those with both the technical skill and willpower to bring about […]

Creative Commons: The GNU, and You

Over the centuries content producers have searched for ways of protecting their wares.  From engraving names on sculpture, to scribing them on art, to the 21st-century development of Digital Rights Management (DRM) technology, these methods have only gotten more complex.  The overarching idea behind all of the aforementioned methods, however, is a legal term known […]

Computer Geek Piracy: File Sharing and the Law

When a person hears the word “pirate,” what is the first image to come to mind? Is it a swarthy, unkempt scalawag with a parrot on his shoulder and cutlass at his hip? Maybe it is that of a rugged individual searching for the treasure of a lifetime.  Others might even say it is Johnny […]

REAL ID Considered: Is the REAL ID a Real Solution?

The United States Federal Government has considered the concept of a national identification program for several years and the interest has only increased since the September 11, 2001 terrorist attacks.  The current system, with information of varying quality collected, stored, and utilized by the individual states, is inefficient at best and a significant hindrance at […]

Fields Without Fences? Negotiating the Net

In the 1960s, the Cold War was in full swing.  The Union of Soviet Socialist Republics (USSR) had launched the first artificial satellite into space, giving their country the advantage in space over its major rival, the United States.  For the first time, the threat of weapons, known as intercontinental ballistic missiles, hung over the […]