Lauren Corvese

Lena Dunham’s Girls: Promoting Feminist Discourse

The HBO series Girls — and its creator, writer, director, and star Lena Dunham — have attracted overwhelming media attention since the show first aired in 2012. Girls has received mixed reviews; some applaud the show and Lena Dunham, a self-proclaimed feminist, for bringing women’s issues to the forefront of social and political discourse, while […]

Reviving a Power in East Asia: Japanese Remilitarization

President Obama’s plan to “pivot to Asia” seems to have been put on hold.  The idea to increase U.S. military presence in Asia was prompted by the economic and military rise of China, the nuclear threat in North Korea and a rocky relationship with Russia. However, global crises like the rise of ISIS have brought […]

Tap Water: The Cleaner, Cheaper, Tastier Choice

  The world is consuming bottled water at a rapid rate. Global consumption of bottled water is increasing by 10 percent annually and global expenditures amount to approximately $100 billion per year.[1] The largest market for bottled water is in developed countries, with the United States being the top consumer.[2] In the US, people are […]

Piper Kerman’s Critique of the Criminal Justice System

  On February 24th, Piper Kerman, author of the book Orange is the New Black: My Year in a Women’s Prison, came to Northeastern University to give a presentation on her experience, her book, and its adaptation as a popular Netflix series.  Kerman was incarcerated for 13 months on convictions of money laundering and drug […]