Kaitlin Beegle

When the Audience Disagrees: A Conversation with the Iraqi Ambassador to the United Nations

  The environment of the Boston University Trustee Room was too inorganic for the event at hand; with crystal chandeliers, damask wallpaper, and heavy drapes obscuring the ninth-floor view of greater Boston, it seemed more appropriate for weddings and luncheons than an academic discussion over the future of a country. However, when Mohammad al-Hakim, the […]

Would You Like Some Revolution with Your (Lack of) Dinner?

  On an unknown date at an unknown time, protestors took to the streets in droves. They were comprised of all types of people, including a large majority of college-aged students, and began to protest the inability of their government to understand the “will of the people.”  They cited everything from social injustice to corruption, […]

Food for Thought: What Brandon Stanton’s HONY Presentation Helps Us to Understand About Politics, Information, and Social Media

  When the Northeastern University student body packed Blackman Auditorium for a sold-out show featuring Brandon Stanton, the man responsible for the immensely popular Humans of New York photojournalism blog, the general consensus seemed to be that no one knew what to expect.  Although some were undoubtedly in attendance to learn something new or to […]

Domestic Threat: How the US Military Continues to Fail on Issues of Sexual Abuse

A great documentary sheds light on an underrepresented niche of human life and exposes us to issues we never before considered. Documentaries should be creative and enlightening, but when it comes to being hard-hitting, some hit harder than others. Rather than examining sushi chefs, babies, or folk singers, the Academy Award-nominated “The Invisible War” documents […]