Jaclyn Roache

Credit: Greater Boston Convention & Visitors Bureau

The Failure of Our Student Government

Last month, Northeastern’s Student Government Association (SGA) hosted a town hall meeting to provide the student body and general public with an opportunity to discuss the five proposed referenda questions being considered for the Spring 2016 ballot. For SGA, the meeting was intended to serve as a show of good faith that would allow students […]

Safety at a Price: The Effect of Israel’s Security Culture on Palestinians in the West Bank

From the 25-foot tall concrete barrier wall to the hundreds of military checkpoints, Israel employs a pervasive security culture in the West Bank. Since Israel’s controversial creation, it has faced numerous security risks, from terrorist attacks to foreign invasions, all of which potentially pose a threat to Israel’s sustained national security. These external risk factors […]

The Question of 2014: The Afghan Bilateral Security Agreement

  The United States and Afghanistan are at a pivotal point in their relationship in which current negotiations over the Bilateral Security Agreement (BSA) could have either beneficial or catastrophic effects for both nations. The outcome of these negotiations will dictate how much of a military presence, if any, the US will have in Afghanistan […]

Establishing Limits: The Search for Viable Restrictions on Executive Power in a Post-9/11 World

  On Thursday, Northeastern’s political science department hosted its annual President’s Day lecture in which Professor Michael Tolley spoke about the limits of law on executive power and post-9/11 challenges the president faces. Professor Tolley opened his lecture by explaining that presidents of both major parties have taken actions of questionable legality in the years […]

Progress Report: The Development of Democracy and the Evolving Role of Women in Post-Revolutionary North Africa

  This Tuesday, the Center for International Affairs hosted a panel discussion on North Africa and the Arab Spring. In the aftermath of the Arab Spring, people worldwide are left wondering just how successful these North African revolutions were in achieving their core goals of establishing democracy, toppling authoritarian regimes, and promoting regional growth and […]