Dominic Contreras

Run For Your Life: Theories of International Politics and Zombies

Something is aloof in international affairs, or so thinks Tufts University Professor Daniel Drezner. Every day scholars and policy-makers meticulously hammer away at the ins and outs of pressing national security threats (Al-Qaeda, China, Iran, Wall Street, Occupy Wall Street). Drezner, however, believes that these political observers have wholly failed to recognize and address what […]

Interview With Vali Nasr: Analyzing the Iranian Nuclear Threat

On March 6, 2012, the NUPR’s International Editor Dominic Contreras sat down with Tufts University Professor Vali Nasr, one of the world’s foremost experts on Iran and the Muslim world, to discuss the Iranian nuclear program and possible responses to it. Below is an excerpt of that interview. Q: Over the past year we’ve heard […]

Seeing Past the Blinders

Over the past week, two student groups and one individual brought the stark divisions of the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict home to root at Northeastern University. On December 1st, Northeastern University Students for Justice in Palestine (NU-SJP) invited Norman Finklestein, a prolific and highly controversial scholar on Levantine politics to deliver a lecture at the university entitled […]

Rethinking an Active U.S. Military Policy

As the Obama administration concludes a long overdue disengagement from Iraq and attempts to bring about a negotiated settlement in Afghanistan, it is imperative that policy makers not lose sight of the crucial role that an active foreign military policy plays in supporting and sustaining Washington’s vital interests. Coupled with a domestic economic crisis, the […]