Against the Revolted Multitudes: Why A Lie is More Scandalous Than the Truth

Was there ever a time when people trusted politicians?  Given the United State’s democratic system of governance, the men and women that preside over our daily lives are supposed to be the few among us who are capable of leading America toward prosperity.  While mankind is rife with destructive inadequacies and backward tendencies, a select […]

Cod: A Biography of the Fish That Changed the World

As with so many of our natural resources, we are slowly coming to the realization that nature’s bounty is not as limitless as we once so naively thought. Less than a century ago, fishing for cod was a staple of the fishing industry. While it was a gruelling job, there was a lot of pride […]

What’s Really Wrong with the Middle East?

In What’s Really Wrong with the Middle East, author Brian Whittaker has taken an unconventional and ambitious look into authoritarianism what is not so much the Middle East but the Arab world. The book asks: why is political order in so many Arab countries dysfunctional; why does political and religious violence spring from the region […]