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Party Perspectives: Immigration Reform

  Immigration reform has been an important agenda item both for lawmakers and for the President. Despite bipartisan support for the issue, and recent cooperation on the Omnibus and Farm bills, immigration appears to be stalled. Consider the following questions in your reflection:   – Is comprehensive immigration reform, and other kinds of comprehensive reform, […]

Northeastern University College Democrats: Immigration Reform

  Comprehensive immigration reform is a completely feasible legislative agenda item for this particular mid-term election year. According to a Gallup Poll conducted in January, this Congress started 2014 off with an abysmal 13% approval rating.[1] This poll reflects the belief that Congress is unable and unwilling to address the most pressing issues that our […]

Northeastern University College Republicans: Immigration Reform

  There is a kind of unspoken, generations-old principle in America that can be seen more readily today thanks to the media. You see it between TV shows, when you listen to any news channel, and when you read the paper. The Machiavellian politician. If anyone wished to simply state the two fundamental laws governing […]

NSA Rebuttal: Northeastern University College Democrats

  When it comes to the fundamental privacy rights of the American citizen, there is not much room for major disagreement. The Northeastern College Republicans and the Northeastern College Democrats can both agree that the Constitution is clear when it comes to this issue, there are serious privacy concerns with information collection today A wide […]

NSA Rebuttal: Northeastern University College Republicans

  Any issue dealing with privacy of personal data to many Americans seems more like a crime than political issue. This is the reason that public approval on both sides of the aisle of PRISM is so low. This issue is interesting because it appears that it has broken down some of the usual right-left […]

Party Perspectives: NSA Surveillance

In light of President Obama’s speech last week outlining new guidelines for intelligence-gathering, we asked politically-oriented student groups on campus to respond to the following questions: 1) Will the Obama administration’s proposed reforms restore public trust in the activities of the NSA? 2) How can the United States best respect the privacy of its citizens […]

Northeastern University College Republicans: NSA Surveillance

The concept of natural rights is critical to the understanding of the American Constitution. The Fourth Amendment clearly says what the government can and cannot do regarding searches and seizures. It states quite clearly: “The right of the people to be secure in their persons, houses, papers, and effects, against unreasonable searches and seizures, shall […]

Northeastern College Democrats: NSA Surveillance

  As we progress into the digital age, privacy has fast become one of the most challenging rights to maintain. Various methods of social networking allow us to track people in real time, and vice versa. With recent revelations that our federal government has access to very personal information about its citizens through the NSA […]

Party Perspectives Rebuttal: Northeastern University Libertarians

Whether you call it a shutdown, slowdown, or just a plain old government letdown, the deadline has come and gone for the federal government to agree on an appropriations bill. Not surprisingly, it hasn’t been all it was talked up to be. Not much has changed. The federal government is still conducting wars and flying […]

Party Perspectives Rebuttal: Northeastern University College Republicans

  Now in its second week, the government shutdown has caused quite a stir among the American public. National parks from the monuments in Washington to Alcatraz Island are closed. Federal workers from the EPA to Health and Human Services have been furloughed. At the heart of the problem are the Affordable Care Act and […]